Amazon is one of the largest retailers in existence, and for your business to succeed on that channel you may want to hire an expert Amazon Seller Consultant such as Blue Ocean SEO Agency. Please allow me to explain.

Each year more businesses find their sales growing after partnering with this giant of the internet retail world. However, not having your business selling on Amazon could be costing you a massive amount of sales. A recent article from the Internet Retailer blog states that Amazon brings shoppers to sellers “on a massive scale”. Are you missing out?

An ancient Chinese proverb teaches us that the best time to plant a tree would have been 20 years ago, but the second best time is NOW. So, don’t delay, plant that seed now. Otherwise you may be missing a huge opportunity to ramp up your business.

Benefits of Selling on Amazon

To many small businesses and “mom and pop” shops, Amazon may seem like the enemy taking all their customers away. Well that is partly true, which is why if you can’t beat them then join them. If you are a small business with your own products to sell, consider these benefits of selling on Amazon.

Amazon has a Huge Customer Base

Featuring over 200 billion customers, it is tough to find a retailer with a larger customer database than Amazon. Having your products seen by such a large number people can bring you many new sales and future long-term customers. When you consider the massive amount of potential customers that are on Amazon, it makes perfect sense to get your items on this channel.

Brand Awareness

There is a reason that so many people want their items listed on Amazon, it’s one of the most popular shopping websites in the entire world. Selling your products on Amazon ensures that you are working with one of the largest and most well-known brands on the planet. A recent Shopify article shows that Amazon gets about 184 million visitors every month!

Amazon Provides Warehouse Storage Space

Sellers, especially those with many items, will be happy to know Amazon provides storage for seller’s items. Not having to clutter up your home or office space with products is a welcome relief to any seller. An amazon consultant can help you ensure your products are safely stored within the property of an Amazon warehouse.

No Worries about Self Shipping

In addition to increasing the number of people looking at your items, you can also enjoy the added peace of mind that comes with having Amazon handle how your product gets to a customer. One huge benefit of selling your items on Amazon is that this company covers you during the shipping process through their logistics program Fulfilled by Amazon or FBA.

Amazon handles Customer Service

A usually unknown benefit of selling items on Amazon is the customer service aspect of this business. When you sell items that are fulfilled by Amazon, your business gains access to their customer service department. Not having to worry about payroll costs associated with creating a customer service department is a welcome relief for any business owner.

Reasons to Hire an Amazon Seller Consultant Agency

Indeed, it can be overwhelming for a small business to jump into this seemingly hyper-competitive marketplace. Some businesses even believe that it is better to just stay out, and focus on their small local niche. It can be intimidating that’s for sure, not only due to so much competition but there are so many rules and policies and things to do to get on-board. It also requires keeping up with all the latest changes.

So, you should talk to an expert. An expert Amazon seller consultant can guide you through all the ins and outs. Consider some of these other reasons.

Access to Gated Categories

You may not know from visiting Amazon as a customer but there are now categories that are gated or restricted. These gated categories will require that certain criteria are met before you can begin selling. An Amazon seller consultant can help you gain access to gated categories so that you can sell in more places.

Keyword research

It is likely that you are already thinking of what you plan on selling on Amazon. However, without the help of an Amazon consultant, you could be missing out on a large number of visitors. Keywords are the words users type into the Amazon search bar. Amazon SEO ensures that your listings show up in as many searches as they possibly can. A recent article on mentions that unoptimized titles are one of the most common mistakes that Amazon sellers make. Read our article that explains some of the secrets to Amazon SEO.

Copywriting that Sells for You

When a customer views your listing, you’ll need to do everything possible to keep them there until they buy. An amazon seller consultant knows how to write listing and descriptions that are enticing each person to buy your products.

Data Reports

Having your Amazon seller account setup and optimized is great for any business. However, it is important that you have data from your Amazon listings to learn what is working and what isn’t. Amazon seller consultants can create data reports and turn them into actionable measures that your business can follow.

Additional Promotion for What you Sell

Having your items listed exceptionally well can boost your sales in a big way. However, Amazon seller consultants can go that extra mile for your listings. Our team of professionals will ensure that your listing is promoted and featured in places that lead to increased sales.

Helping You Receive More Reviews

On Amazon, reviews are one of the key indicators of more sales in the future. You’ve likely been on Amazon to buy something and you probably chose the seller with a higher star value. It’s common for us to want to feel like we are getting the best item possible.

Amazon consultants can help make sure you get great reviews, enabling your reputation to grow in a healthy way. But, there are “right” ways of getting reviews, and there are “wrong” ways that can actually backfire and hurt you. Again, your Amazon consultant can help you navigate through potential land mines.

Assistance in Planning for the Future

Amazon seller consultants understand that the needs of your business can change. It’s important to adjust your marketing and sales strategy when you feel changes need to be made. Amazon SEO professionals can effectively help you increase sales, no matter what changes your business requires.


In summary, Amazon does provide many benefits to sellers but to make the most of becoming a seller, you should consider having the help of an Amazon consultant. An Amazon consultant will help your products get viewed by as many people as possible and to rank in the Amazon search results. Ensuring you have a great reputation as a seller is another benefit of hiring an Amazon consulting agency. In addition, these consultants will provide you with data and analytic information which can enable you to plan for your future as an all-star Amazon seller. If you want your business to sell on one of the largest retailers in the world, strongly consider getting Amazon consulting services to help you succeed.

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