If your company is not listed on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing, you are losing potential customers to your competition, so you need to find a trustworthy SEO company. Search engine visibility is essential to boost traffic to your website that leads to increased brand awareness and higher profits in the long run. But hiring an SEO company can literally make or break your business.

Search engine optimization

If you are lucky enough to hire a good and trustworthy SEO company, you can count on making thousands of dollars more a month within the next four to five months. Likewise, a bad SEO service can cripple even the little traffic that exists right now. Hence, it is important that you choose carefully, and here are 5 questions that you need to ask when hiring an SEO company.

How to Hire a Trustworthy SEO Company

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Following are 5 useful questions to ask.

1. What is your strategy to improve our search engine rankings?

You will not get significant results without an effective SEO strategy. Randomly targeting keywords or building links will not take your business anywhere. Sure, you may see sporadic results here and there, but they will not be consistent, and you wonít see any traffic increases. This is where a good SEO comes in.

All good SEOs have an effective process, whether they are freelancers or work for an SEO agency. A professional SEO might not want to reveal the websites that they plan to get links for your business, but they will start with an on-site technical SEO audit to identify the areas that require modification. Then, they will determine the best keywords to target. Backlinks have been the backbone of search engine algorithms for a long time. They will continue to play a significant part in the foreseeable future, too.

All SEOís, whether good or bad, build links to your website to improve its rankings. But all backlinks are not created equal. One good backlink is worth thousands of low-quality backlinks these days. Low-quality backlinks are mostly automated and used for spam link building. A quality backlink is built manually, and it is a link that you earn by promoting high-quality content.

2. Can you provide a list of your current and past clients?

A professional SEO service is open to sharing a list of their current and past customers with contact information. You should not expect the company to hand over their entire address book, but most of them will be happy to provide 2-3 big name clients. The company should show you the results they achieved on behalf of these customers. This helps you gauge how effective the potential candidate is.

If the company is not in a position to give you a list of their past clients, it is a pretty big warning sign. Either they have not delivered results for these clients, or they donít have the experience to handle that kind of SEO. Follow up by asking them who their longest active client is.

If they donít have long-term clients under their belt, either they are using shady short-term risky tactics, or they are not professional enough to handle top level SEO campaigns. If the SEO company has been in business for a while, and they donít have long-term clients, that is a red flag. Get away from such a service. A good SEO is worth its weight in gold. Such a company can grow your business 5-20% per month.

3. Are you in a position to guarantee the number-one spot on Google, Bing or Yahoo?

If the SEO service answers ìYESî to this question, get away from such a company as fast as you can. In fact, it is quite impossible to guarantee the number-one spot on any search engine. But some unethical SEOís make such a bogus guarantee. No ethical SEO firm can guarantee the number-one position every single time, especially in a specific time frame. There are reasons for this.

First, no SEO knows the Google algorithm exactly. The search engines protect their algorithms closely. Any SEO claiming to know the exact algorithm of a search engine is a liar. On the other hand, Google makes more than one algorithm change per day. No SEO service knows how the algorithm changes although they can make a guess. A good SEO can increase your search traffic over time, but they cannot guarantee the number-one spot for specific keywords.

4. Will you inform me of all the changes you make to my website?

The SEO will have to perform many amendments to the coding of your site to make it more search engine friendly. You need to know what adjustments the SEO plans to make, and how many web pages are affected by it. If you want the SEO to obtain your permission before making any changes to the website, make sure to say so before finalizing the contract with the SEO service.

5. How will you communicate and how often?

The customer service and reporting styles may vary depending on the SEO consultant you hire. The SEO service you choose should have a reporting style that best fits your requirements. Will the SEO talk via phone, Skype, email or text? Most professional SEOs provide a monthly report including important information such as a summary of activities, search traffic, search rankings, and conversions. If you need more information, make sure you intimate this to the SEO before finalizing the contract with them.

Conclusion, search engine optimization is a long-term investment. It can take months before results become apparent. An SEO company can make or break your business. The right SEO service can boost traffic and improve brand awareness of your business. The aforementioned article highlights 5 questions that you need to ask when hiring an SEO company.

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